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I got tagged by KaizenKitty

I haven't introduced this character yet, she belongs in the same world as Lance, Stan, and Raelynn ("It's RAE" :stare: ) Sorry ... Rae.

8 Facts about Vanessa Suarez
Imperial Aether Forces, Vice Admiral, commander of destroyer Athena.

  1. Vanessa is the first, and thus far only, woman to attain her rank in the IAF - or at any place in the Imperial military.
  2. She absolutely earned her position.  Along with the commander of the battleship Electra, she rose through the ranks very quickly.  "Tough and Fair" is a slight misnomer that she allows.  It isn't for the lack of toughness, though; when sufficiently warranted, she has destroyed, razed, and otherwise laid to waste her opponents.  All the same, she's demonstrated generous mercy to them when possible.
  3. Speaking of the commander of the Electra, she's great friends with him.  Yes, she has beaten him when they sparred.  Yes, multiple times.  No, he didn't "let" her.
  4. She cares a great deal for those under her command; it's reciprocated.
  5. She enjoys baking.  One of her first commands was on a light cruiser, as a Lieutenant (O-3).  She comandeered the galley on a slow day to bake enough pies for everyone to enjoy some.  At the end of the day she was covered in flour, exhausted, and happy.
  6. She hates filing reports and briefings.  Almost no report - action, disciplinary, field, or battle - bearing her signature was ever written by her.  This may not be unusual at the rank of admiral, especially given the amount of work generated below her.  However, she had ample time to draft and finalize reports when she was commanding the light cruiser.  The Aether Forces regulations require that Lieutenants in command will draft and finalize their own reports, and she regularly passed the detail to her junior officer.  She absolutely hates them that much.  She may have written a grand total of three, and should have done about a hundred.
  7. Growing up, she wanted to do something completely different, and opening an eatery of some sorts was high on the list.  She signed up for the military because she wanted to help end the civil wars that are ravaging the empire - this was after a nearby town was leveled by an Imperial dreadnaught.
  8. Vanessa witnessed the events leading to the commander of the Electra being dismissed from the military and strenuously objected to his dismissal.  She later helped him acquire the Electra through legal means, that still made the politician look very foolish and inept, and resulted in the politician losing his place and influence.
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I filled more than half a notebook with notes about it, too.

Took oodles of screenshots, and will probably go back to capture more from different scenes.

The show is easily among the best I've ever seen.  It just might outclass Last Exile

I actually spent some time thinking about it while I was mowing the lawn today and considered some of the religious references and even points!

Incredible work, really absolutely incredible.
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And I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Right now I just finished episode 56.  I know I didn't post updates of my responses.  I do know that some ninjas came into my house during episode 9 and started cutting onions.  There's been a few other similar intrusions.

I've also discovered the joy of capturing screenshots.  And between episodes 55 and 56, during a fight between a couple of characters, I captured it nearly frame by frame.  250+ screenshots, which I'm currently renaming.  I have to say what happened was brilliant.  One of the characters looked like a mad conductor directing an individual-targeted pyrotechnic symphony of destruction.  Those who have seen the show will know exactly what I'm talking about.  (And I hope that you appreciate the phrase).  Those who have not seen it, really should.

And not just to see what I mean by "mad conductor directing an individual-targeted pyrotechnic symphony of destruction."  What followed afterward was a fantastic discussion between one of the heroes and one of the villains.  It's remarkable that in spite of the havoc that was wrought by the villain in question, Ed says something so simple, yet so genius, you almost can't help but to feel bad for the villain.  Of course by then there's also other things that watchers probably observed that lets you really get into the villain's shoes and understand what Ed said.  And then, well, I can't spoil.  But it was actually hearbreaking.

That all said, I wound up going back and taking another 60+ screenshots to capture that.

Also, when Alex Armstrong meets Mr. Curtis it is epic.
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 Don't spoil it, please.


I've watched episodes 1-8.

Choice responses here.

Episode 2: "Woah crap, that went wrong ... badly - and WHAT. IS. THAT."  I remembered a short story called The Monkey's Paw  If you've read it, you get the reference.

Episode 4: At about the time I notice a couple of people missing: "HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT!!  HE DID! THAT LOUSY SOB!"

At that point I told my wife that I was enjoying it, but it is very DARK.  I didn't know what was coming up.

Before episode 5: "Huh, in the intro that red round thing that's the philosopher's stone looks like it has souls in it,  That can't be good."

Episode 5: "This is incredibly sad ... Ed you idiot how do you know he's going to keep that promise?" "Oh so THAT'S the Ishval Civil War."

Episode 6: "Devil's research?  Dude, what the heck?"  I mean, I get that the brothers did something they shouldn't have but come on they didn't understand what they were doing and can't anyone cut them a break and all they want is their bodies back.  "Oh, a screw on the table?   That can't be good."

Episode 7: "Alchemy dangerous?  Okay I get it but what gives here?"  ....  :o


Well this is just a bundle of fun expository mess that they're in!  Never mind that they didn't know what they were in ... but also wound up accidentally involving their escort.  Something of that magnitude wasn't staying under wraps.

Episode 8: "Ed vs. a guy in samurai armor.  Still, the samurai's outclassed .... OH. CRAP.  Still, Al should be alright ... OH. CRAP.  It would be almost funny if it weren't so ... well dang."  "Oh hey look, Ed's doing okay ... okay visitors, not good, but let's see what Ed can d- ... OH CRAP THE SCREW!!"
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On recommendation from a coworker

I'm probably going to get a paid sub to crunchyroll.

Jestloo - Fullmetal Alchemist is on there.  I think I'm going to add a few shows to my queue on that.


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Actually, a few.  I'm going to ask a few questions, and I won't give any lead-ins, about my characters.  I'm thinking by not mentioning I'll get some genuine answers.

If there are replies, no peeking.  :)

Here goes.
  1. Which characters are the most memorable?
  2. Of the ones that you chose, why are they the most memorable?  "The character was absolutely not developed" actually counts for being memorable.  Although if you say that, I'd be curious why they're not developed.
  3. Are there any characters that you can think of that may not be "most memorable" but at least interesting?  What makes them interesting?
  4. Which character is your favorite, and why? You're allowed to name a villain as a favorite.  Again, I'd be interested in knowing why. :)
  5. Which of my characters do you find to be most likable, and why?  Most likable can be anything from "seems like a cool character" to "I'd really want to meet this person and ask them out."
  6. Which of my characters do you find to be least likable, and why? Again, this can range from "seems like a really not cool character" to a desire to have bad things happen to the character.
Please, provide as much detail in the answers as you can.

Thank you.
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I finally tried publishing again.

The response from the publisher was that they couldn't publish because the main character wasn't likable.

It was an autobiography.
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I just got to thinking.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Zelda was the girl?


It's been a long time coming, and is past due by a long shot.

I remember the first time I saw the site, and I honestly thought, "huh, that's a sketchy name" because, well, "deviant" art, you know?  But you advertised being for the artist, all about the artist.  So I joined, first to watch.  It was a while before I submitted my first artwork because I thought that I should have something of quality to contribute.  It still stank but I got something out there.

Over time I loaded drawings and photos, and finally written work.  I have to give credit to the site in that if I had not started loading stuff, and if I had not started commenting on what others had submitted, then I wouldn't have learned that I totally stink at drawing and that people think I can write.  I've made a few friends here and had some healthy conversations.

Yet at the same time I noticed, and shared others noticing, that the purpose of Deviantart was moving more and more away from the art.  Sure it is a site where people can share their art, as it has been.  More and more, however, Deviantart has become deviant from art.  More and more it has been about getting people to pay for subscriptions, more and more it has been about throwing out ads for revenue (some ads contain rather toxic content or malware).  It has been more about marketing - positioning only certain "most popular" items for front page showing, while leaving other items worthy of recognition on the sideline.  Quite literally, in fact.  It used to be that when a user logged into DA, they were greeted by their stream of choice ... and the Daily Deviations, a gallery worthy of recognition, was always positioned at the bottom for all to see.  Now it isn't.

Rumors about that DA was going under.  Even the admins saw the rumors and chose to descend from their lofty place on high and try to quell them, one of them with a false promise to answer questions.

Now DA has been acquired by Wix.

Before anyone gives you an imaginary tale in which unicorns fart rainbows and crap gold, let me tell you up front and straightforward that DA is no longer.  When a company is acquired, the acquiring company will do away with the remnants of the old company unless it benefits them.  Wix is company that designs web sites.  What could they want from DA?  Is Wix branching out?  Or is it that Wix saw a base of users that would now be introduced to their platform?

Here's the million dollar question - What will eventually become of DA?  I don't expect anyone to know; and I expect less that any admins will give a direct, respectful, and honest answer.  What I do expect is that DA will eventually cease to be.

So, goodbye DA.

Edit Apparently this comes off as me saying I won't be on DA.  I apologize for being unclear.  My presence here may very well be diminished in terms of any work that I choose to show, since it likely won't be here.  However, there is a community of people here that I do see, and I'll likely log in on a regular basis to take and leave messages, and even comment on other works.  The entire point of the title is that I am saying goodbye to DA, because I don't think that DA will be around much longer.
I stumbled across this in Imgur.

Extra Time

Great short comic
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To the anonymous deviant who gifted me a one month core membership, thank you.

Now I can drop a few critique boxes on some pieces. :)
  • Reading: Ghost in the Shell
I suppose I'll indulge it for a moment.

Then kick the crap out of myself when it fails.

My wife has been saying lately that I should try to publish.  She's marked some short stories in my binder for possibility:What's interesting is that she is absolutely not a fan of science fiction but 60% of the shorts she marked were science fiction.

I'm wondering if there is anything appealing about those stories, or any other, that may warrant them serious consideration for submission.

I know that it's likely they all need work before they can be sent and may need further work before publication, but ... help?  I'm guessing I'll need to proof, edit, fine-tune, and submit, and again, where to?

  • Reading: Ghost in the Shell
For a while, I've been uploading works while making pdf files available for purchase.  My goal was to make the writing available, while also making a version available for those who liked it well enough for people who wanted to buy a pdf version.

At first put the pdf file up, then also listed it as available for download - and did not realize what I was doing.  One of my readers would ask for a pdf because it wouldn't display on her computer in the browser.  Of course I provided it.  Later on I discovered that I could edit a story with writer and make a pdf download available.

Now, while I was uploading pdf and then making pdf available for download I was on a Windows computer and I didn't realize what I was doing because no matter what browser I used in Windows, the pdf happily displayed on the screen.  Now that I'm using a Linux machine I realize that for the stories that I uploaded only a pdf, I canceled out my first purpose - which was to make my stuff available to read.  I didn't think much of it though until I saw this comment under Clockwork:
I'm new and have no points so I can't read :sadtard:I shall earn them....somehow I am a dummy!
Well, I've got to fix that.

So for the deviations I've made and this is true:Funny - all of those, with the exception of Clockwork belong to a larger series.

What I'd like to do is just go in and slap on a copy of the work, so I can seamlessly integrate the story and keep the comments.  What I might have to do is re-upload and create links to and from the readable and download.  If the stories didn't already have comments that wouldn't be an issue but some of them do have some comments that I don't want to lose.

Thanks to CloudedHeu for pointing out that folks who don't have points can't read those stories yet. :)

Also, check her gallery.  She has some interesting stuff.
No, I'm serious, I don't.

There used to be a couple of bushes in front of my house.  They obstructed the windows, so I cut them down.  Unfortunately, my yard has provided me with examples that somehow, stuff will re-grow from a trunk.  In Greek mythology, there's a creature called a hydra that had seven heads.  For every head that was cut, two or more would grow in its place.  I have one bush that was cut and two more stalks sprouted, on another one I cut and 5 more stalks sprouted, and finally there's a tree I cut down to the stump and I can't even count how many limbs sprouted from the trunk.

But all that's an aside.  The point is, the two bushes in front of the house (the first two stumps I mentioned above) were sprouting again and I don't want bushes in front of my house.  It's worth mentioning that the previous owner had put down some weed paper and put topsoil on that.  For anyone who is into landscaping/gardening, I would strongly discourage its use.  The stuff is junk, it doesn't work, it looks horrible - so after a few years you have weeds in the yard on top of the weed paper, and the weed paper is visible, making it look more horrible than it would have with the weeds alone.

So on one side of my front steps, I took down a few weeds and tossed them into the pile of stuff I'll burn later.  I cut down the stalk of the bush that was re-growing.  Job done.

I pulled the stalk on the other bush to position it for cutting, and noticed it had a loose hold on the soil.  Well, I thought, maybe I could just pull it out, problem solved.  When I pulled the bush, I discovered the mistake I had just made.  The bush had a root system that meandered along the entire front of the house.  Imagine, if you will, pulling a bush that was, at most, 4.5 feet high, and discovering the root system was 10 feet long.

But wait, there's more!

Recall above that the previous owner of the house had put down weed paper.  The 10 foot long root was under the weed paper.  The root brought up the weed paper and everything that was on it: soil, grass, plants, weeds - everything.  When it was done, only a bush of peonies remained.

Now there's a pile of dirt and some loose weed paper on one side of the front of my house.

"Pull weeds and stumps, 5 minutes."  No.  "Pull weeds and stumps, stump has root that pulls out front landscaping: 20 minutes"

It's not like I wanted anything in front of my house anyway.

I'm going to tag clara-01 since I have a feeling you'll appreciate this.

And Jestloo to see if she responds. =P
Back in college, someone introduced me to the concept of Anime.  I thought it was weird and refused to give it a chance.

Fast forward 10 - 15 years.  I watched Last Exile.

I was completely stunned.  It was an absolutely fantastic show.  I couldn't have imagined the high quality of the show.  I mean, it was great.

In fact, I was recommending it in a quite animated (ha!) fashion to the clerk at a local bookstore recently.

Now mind you, I work in the finance industry, in an office, and from basically kindergarten have been taught about the benefits of having a professional demeanor and personality.  And adults, particularly men, don't watch cartoons.

I am NOT an Anime fan.

I am NOT an Anime fan.

I am NOT an Anime fan.


 Oh fluff it here's what arrived in my mailbox today.

DSC00420a by Steve-C2  DSC00421a by Steve-C2

Plausible deniability?  Probably long gone.

Tagging Jestloo because you know me well enough to find this funny.

Tagging DragonTygress because she'll appreciate the creative use of the word "fluff" ... and probably appreciate it.

Tagging clara-01 because Last Exile.

Oh and I also have a healthy appreciation for comics and graphic novels.

Pardon me while I disappear out of humiliation.




So, best news first.

doughboycafe is the new Literature CV and is looking for suggestions on how to make the lit community a better place.  See The News.


Someone found his name on THE LIST, by SilverInkblot  Also, I'm happy to see Little-Red-Hat on the list.  It's a long list of people, and some of the names are familiar, some of them caught my attention, the best part is probably none of us bite. ;) (Wink)  Take a look at their galleries, read their stuff.

Third, for laughs.

I had to replace my router because it finally started to die after 5 years of slinging data.  I replaced it with another router, and I have to laugh.  See, there is a power cord, an ethernet cord from the modem to the router, a USB cable to an external drive, and 3 ethernet cords connecting other devices, on the back of a WIRELESS router.

Let the irony sink in, folks.

Tagging DragonTygress here because I thought that last bit was funny and maybe she'd appreciate it.
So, how many of us can relate to this?

High Functioning Anxiety

The article nails so many things.
Hi!  :wave:

I'm going to focus on one person for this feature.


I came across FieryDownpour479 when I was scrolling through Daily Deviations and found this wonderful gem:

A Story of How a Horde of Elephants Saved My ButtThe problem about wearing a dress is that it gets in the way of everything. The problem about wearing pants is that people yell at you claiming you’re a disgusting witch and should be burned to death before men walk up to you and just shrivel up and die from the sight.
Okay, so the witch thing wasn’t completely wrong. I mean, it’s not even my fault. It’s not like I wanted to have magic powers that just randomly conjure up a hoard of elephants. I mean, having magic powers is cool and all, but not when you live in the late 1600’s and everyone wants to kill you because you’re wearing pants.
And like the worst part about having powers is I literally cannot tell anyone otherwise these brilliant town folk will surely want me burned at the stake. And it’s ridiculous because they’re just shooting people down every hour, claiming “she’s a witch!” just because they don’t know how to take care of their cows and literally they

I read that and it cracked me up.  The setting was great, the setup was brilliant, the title was engaging and the story was completely unexpected.  After reading this, I started looking through her gallery, and I was impressed, so I added her to my watch list.

I'm also going to mention a second item here that was featured as a Daily Deviation.  It definitely deserves the attention.

BalloonsLife got herself into a bit of trouble in the past couple of weeks. She ended up putting herself in the hospital. I couldn’t leave her alone for two seconds without her screwing up something.
I visited her in the hospital for a few days. Despite whatever she had, she still had the same glowing smile, her blonde hair still curled around her face. Even her lipstick look like it never had faded. She was the picture of well, Life, and she was still recovering, but she was going to be okay.
Life hated hospitals. She’d visited one too many, watched too many doctor shows; she knew Death hung around hospitals so often, and she didn’t want to deal with him. He always went around killing the spirits of others in the hospital. Life would have to go and fix things sometimes, but much too often did Death wring his hands around too many patients’ necks.
But Life was back in the hospital, this time, not by choice. She was lucky enough; there was no sign of Death. She was worri

This one was very poignant and had great imagery.

One thing that I'm noticing about what I enjoy to read - is that I like things that are easy to read, easy to visualize, where the story doesn't get lost in describing things, and winds up being thought provoking.  I find that FieryDownpour479's work falls under all of these categories.  I get the impression that she's quite thoughtful about her writing.  I also really enjoy the interesting twists she puts on things.  Like having a herd of elephants save her butt. :D  The use of the unusual is creative, unexpected, delightful, and adds to the story. :)

Here, have another few samples:

The Sound of RevolutionIt had been months since I last heard the music, and I was growing sick of the silence.
We decided to ban together, everyone, even the ones who didn’t think they could do it. Whispers got around, in hushed tones. Broken melodies could be heard as we stitched a plot together. People were worried because it wasn’t legal. People were afraid we’d go to jail, or even worse. But I wasn’t going to handle that. I’d rather be thrown in jail for singing out, than sit in deafening silence forever.
It wasn’t terrifying hearing the first chimes strike. Nor was it terrifying hearing the drums beating in time, or the battle cries erupt from the crowd. The sounds were exhilarating to me. I pulled my hood over my head, knowing it was soon to be time. I heard a chord strike, and I knew the first ones were already out. A bass line broadcasted across through every speaker in town. Once I heard it, I knew it was time.
I jumped out of hiding and into the crowd. The trick

What's life like in a world without music?  Read The Sound of Revolution

A Virus, a Legend, and a Whole Bunch of CarrotsAs soon as I enter Jakob’s room, I know I wouldn’t want to stay long. Blackout curtains hung over the windows, producing an eldritch feeling, despite nothing inherently terrifying in there besides for maybe the Five Night’s at Freddy’s poster on the wall over his bed. The air in the room was so humid and moist, I was sure it was a perfectly suitable environment for mushrooms to grow, but I’m not sure how any living human creature could live in it.
Jakob quickly sat down at his desk in which three of his computer monitors sat (he definitely prides himself on his technology). He unlocked his computer, revealing some amorphous blob with a face as his background. I didn’t even want to ask what it was. He pulled up Google chrome and immediately began Googling the very thing of interest to us.
Jakob is supposedly extremely smart, and supposedly he can find anything in a matter of seconds (he’d definitely be a Hufflepuff) but today he was taking forev

A Virus, A Legend, and a Whole Bunch of Carrots gives us a taste of her ability to turn something of the ordinary into something unexpected, interesting, and entertaining.

Flash Fiction Day SubmissionsWhile you were sleeping
Word count: 887

I throw on my backpack and leave the commons room through the northwest door. I watch everyone else from my team leave through the other doors. I hold the green slip of paper in my hands. It’s supposed to tell me what my individual challenge is as well as where to meet back up with my group for the group challenge. Only issue, it doesn’t tell me what to do for my individual challenge. All it says is: ‘leave northwest, head down the stairs, leave through the glass doors’. What kind of challenge is that?
I shove the green paper in my backpack and sling the bag onto my bag. I quickly run down the stairs. I can see the glass doors about 20 feet in front of me. It’s a challenge, I remind myself. I have to be fast. I start running toward the glass doors.
A create pops up in front of me a scares the living hell out of me. I scream. The thing resembles a human, but it clearly is not. It is missing teet

These shorts are great, byte-sized stories that showcase some skill. And the first one is my favorite.  :D

She has a decent size gallery that's definitely worth seeing.  FieryDownpour479, thank you for sharing your art with us.  :)
First, let me share this.

Former staff member: 'dA in trouble, won't last'Before everyone panics about the "death" of DeviantART, let's keep our heads and review what was actually said in this short and sweet journal by former DeviantART staff member, dxd:

From this, we can gather that the CEO sacked 60% of the paid staff recently, seemingly without making anyone at the top level make any financial sacrifices themselves, sacrifices which may have saved some of those jobs. The author was surprised that in spite of DeviantART's alleged financial woes and mismanagement, they made it through this past Christmas. And I don't think I have to tell you that we're being fed updates we have no use for, a point the author reiterates in his journal.
He wrote another journal to quell some of the resulting hysteria and elaborate on his initial thoughts.

In short, the first journal was primarily to warn his friends still on the $taff that they're more valuable than DeviantART, the com

The question that's been coming up a lot, especially on journals posted by staff, is if DA is going to be around.

And there's the recent feedback that's been given concerning the messages for adblock users from DA "Please whitelist us!"

Now, I know DA couldn't care less about its users or art (see Reality #1) from this.  The "we want this site to be for art and artist" motive got ditched probably years ago.  Now, I'm going to stumble onto a couple of points here, forgive me if my approach seems jumbled or garbled.  I think there's a couple of things at work that make people get all "Oh no!  DA is dying!" :ohnoes:

First, I think there's a perception issue in play.  I signed up for DA because the site advertised itself as being for the artist.  When a person signs up, they sign up because DA advertises as being for the artist.  So, people who have been members for extended periods of time were here when DA was for the artist.  And new folks are still told DA is for the artist.  Now, at one time, DA used to be for the artist.  It was a site that asked you to donate to defray server costs.  Then they developed a paid membership platform - again for the same reason.  The core reason for DA to exist, was for the artist.  Now, at some point, I really don't know when, the motive turned around from being "for art and artist" to "for money."  So, when the site you sign up for says, "Hey, we're for the artist!" then turns around and begs for money, well, that's going to cause some concern and confusion.  So let me settle the perception issue.  DA isn't about art.  DA isn't about the artist.  DA doesn't foxtrotting care about art or artists anymore.  What DA does care about, is how to rake in revenue.

Second, there is an attitude issue in play, which isn't helping the perception issue.  DA staff will do what they will to rake in revenue.  This means that they will redesign the site to make it more appealing to investors, more geared to people coming in from other forms of social media, and more similar to other forms of social media.  All this is being done at the expense of art and the artist.  A perfect example of this is what happened with Daily Deviations.  When the Daily Deviation was designed, it was designed to be a feature, that would highlight some artwork on the site.  The entire point was to be a site-wide feature, easily and readily accessible and visible at a glance.  "Hey, look at this great art!"  It maintained high visibility, even when the position of the DD's was set to be at the footer of the page.  With the latest redesign, the footer was removed and the DDs became invisible.  For a couple of days, I thought the DD feature had been discontinued, until I found it hidden away on the left side as one of the categories of art you can browse.

The DD thing is only one example.  Status updates, removing warnings that people are visiting an outside site, and so on, are done without consideration for the end user, and usually puts the end user at risk.  And when anyone says something, they're brushed off or told that they need to stop whining.  Will DA go back to what it was?  :rofl:  Will they stop changing things and ignoring users?  :lol:

And one more thing about ads, before I move on.  A lot of non-core folks with adblocks have been getting flags saying "please don't block our ads"

You know what?  I happily browsed the Internet without an ad-block program.  Until DA.  DA ads would slow my browser, redirect my screen to another page - sometimes to malicious software, and overall were so obnoxious that I had to do something.  It was either stop visiting DA, or stop the ads.  Well, I know core membership doesn't give me a voice, so I'm not going to waste money (especially when I don't have any to spare), so for the first time in 20+ years of browsing the Internet, I installed an ad-blocker on my browser.  DA should be proud of itself.  If it weren't for the malicious sites and software presented by DA ads, then I wouldn't have installed it.

Anyhow.  Now that my first bit is covered, I wanted to get to the good part.

I've developed a few relationships with people on this site.  I won't name anyone so as to not omit and offend, but you know who you are.  And you would all be incredibly missed if this site went down or if I left DA.  For the people I speak with, you're a bunch of cool folks, and I'm better for having spoken with you.  Even those with whom I may have argued, I love learning what I have through the process and harbor no ill will.

What I like about what TipsyDigital's journal above, is there is a focus on solutions.  And my previous journal, Sharing This, may have come short on solutions.  Yes, I indicated that maybe we, as artists, can look elsewhere for a site that is truly for the artist; I did not provide any suggestions (unfortunately I had none - I'm not the most "in the know" person and my Google-fu is weaker than others.  I can find stuff using a card catalog in the library, though! :lol:)

I hate saying that maybe we cannot change DA, and that we may have to look elsewhere.  Reality is that's something we may all have to consider.  It's my hope that if anyone does consider using another site, that you reach out to your friends and community to let us know where you are.  If and when the time comes that I change sites, I'll be leaving links.

So, to answer the question I asked, I'm going to say what TipsyDigital said.  DA is at least going down, in the form of changing what it once was into something else. In light of that, we have to ask:
  • How has it changed?  Well, I've described it.
  • Is this change something that affects me?  If so, is it something that I can accept? (aka "do I like it?")
  • If the change is unacceptable, can I change it; or, is it possible to change? (does the staff listen, or ignore?)
  • If it is unacceptable, am I going to stay, or will I go somewhere that the answers to the above questions are different?
If someone doesn't like the change, and if the staff ignores concerns, and if the changes are entirely deleterious to the artist, on a site that promotes itself as being for the artist, then the artist can vote with his or her feet.



You know what?  after these last 2 journals that I think are pretty heavy and thoughtful, you guys are due for a feature.  I hope I can find some things that give you art to view and people to watch. :D