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Ed and Al Elric by LorennTyr Ed and Al Elric :iconlorenntyr:LorennTyr 645 51
a world without the moon.
Earthlings were a plague.
Once, but not anymore.
They spread like ash borers, killing whatever tree they landed on.  Now the trees were planets and the forest was the known universe.
It was cause for concern to say the least.
With the ability to skim across the planes of space at the speed of light, the Earthlings found places of insurmountable beauty.  There used to be worlds of jungles and deserts and great pink oceans.  In their wake, all that was left was disease, ground stripped to the bedrock and toxic salts.
"There is no sentient life on these planets!" their leaders told us.  "We are not killing anything!"
But did the Earthlings forget where they came from?  Their earliest ancestors crawled out of the oceans gasping until oxygen made sense.  Could this not happen on the worlds they destroyed?
No, they said.  They insisted.  Their planet of poor starving people needed these things to survive.
Did they never realize that the key to survival
:iconlaurotica:laurotica 90 41
Lackadaisy Faraway by tracyjb Lackadaisy Faraway :icontracyjb:tracyjb 4,117 217 Baghiera Jaine (animated) by Sidonie Baghiera Jaine (animated) :iconsidonie:Sidonie 226 42 Concatedral St. Mary in Gdansk interior by GreeGW Concatedral St. Mary in Gdansk interior :icongreegw:GreeGW 472 75
How Malware Works Via Banner Ads
   by $Heidi


   How Malware Works Via Banner Ads

  As many deviants know, deviantART has been working hard to combat malicious banner ads that infiltrate
  our advertising network, and we've previously addressed this issue in
  April 2011
  and August 2011.  
  In our ongoing effort to keep the deviantART community safe, we wanted to share the following
  USA Today-produced
  video that explains how malicious ads inundate the Web.

  How Malicous Ads Inundate the Web

  (Source: USA Today)

  Protect Yourself
  Malware advertising is an Internet-wide problem that affects many of the Net's top sites.
:iconheidi:Heidi 138 768
Reports of Malware and Virus Advertisements

   Reports of Malware and Virus Advertisements

Keeping deviantART safe

DeviantART strives to provide all our members with a safe and fun environment to grow and create.  This includes setting guidelines and having standards for the kinds of banner ads displayed on the site.  We do not allow ads that auto-play audio, contain pop-ups or redirects, and certainly do not allow nefarious ads that promote virus or malware activity.

We hate bad ads as much you do and take the matter very seriously.  We assure you that deviantART is actively tracking down ad networks that are responsible for bad ads and are terminating those relationships.
:iconheidi:Heidi 36 4,571
Our Ongoing Battle Against Malicious Ads

   Our Ongoing Battle Against Malicious Ads

Toward the end of April, deviantART released a community-wide news article that outlined and reaffirmed our stance against advertisements that auto-play audio, contain pop-ups or redirects, and promote virus or malware activity. Three months later, we'd like to provide an update on our efforts to block malicious advertising from running on the site.

We're taking these concerns seriously

DeviantART takes all concerns on this topic very seriously and immediately implemented a number of changes to reduce the chance those type of ads would get served by our ad partners. These initial steps w
:iconheidi:Heidi 82 1,946
Divine messenger by RAAWSH Divine messenger :iconraawsh:RAAWSH 2 2
Midnight Snack
This was the night. Lisa was determined in finding out who the cookie thief was once and for all.
For weeks, after dinner, her mother would put exactly twenty-three oatmeal and coconut cookies in the jar. In the morning, however, when Lisa was going to get two for school, the jar was emptier. It was never the same number of stolen cookies consecutively (she made a log about it); sometimes the thief took three, another seven, another four, at times even just one.
At first she thought she would miscount the number of cookies her mother would bake, or that someone was playing a joke on her and sneaking them out before she could notice. Many nights she stayed up long after everyone had gone to sleep, but never saw anyone. She would wait from half an hour to three hours, until she couldn't keep her eyes open and went to bed.
She spent her lunchtime studying the notes in her log, and discovered she had not checked between three in the morning and just before dawn. That night she'd go to bed
:iconmimi-lolacute:mimi-lolacute 39 44
A Far From Comprehensive but Still Pretty Impressive List of deviantART Literature Peeps
I've often said I keep a list of writers - now you too can have easy access to all my collection organized spreadsheet of great literature! Back when I was running StyleOverSubstance, I needed an easy way to add names for the game; and thus, I put together a list - an epic list, of every writer I know, have heard of, or ran across during my dA tenure.
(Yes, many people will fall into multiple categories - give me a break please, it's hard enough just listing four hundred names.)
People You Absolutely Must Know
aka, the people who know what's going on
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 35 168
FFM 06 - Progress in Action
The chambermaids cleaned and disinfected the tank with lye again, and Spencer took a moment to collect himself before squeezing the magnifying monocle back into his right eye.  He had gone over the machine a dozen times, but he would go over it a dozen-and-one if that’s what it took.  Every little brass bolt was properly tightened, and every hose was sealed exactly as it needed to be, connected to a variety of vials and beakers.  The electrical coils were fully charged from the previous night’s thunderstorm, and all of his thermometers and barometers assured him that the steam pump was properly simulating the temperature and pressure of a human womb… and yet, somehow the tank could not sustain life.  He tried not to think too much about the failed attempts, nor the tiny, cold bodies that he had sent off to the morgue over the past months.  A scientist had to focus on the present, and the task at hand.
A bell chimed, and he raised his head to w
:icondistortified:distortified 35 14
I spent half my childhood
flattening pennies on railroad tracks
and writing every detail I remembered
about the boy I loved on paper.
Now I write out grocery lists,
collect those pennies for bills
and kiss a man I never fell in love with.
“If I could do it over again—”
we all mumble that conceit,
the words that resonate
with every 20 something year old
who doesn’t know the sound of their own voice
and periodically searches
on the internet.
we forget we need each other to breathe,
forget that flattened pennies on the tracks of our youth
once meant something more
than the car insurance bill that’s sitting on the table,
that paper
isn’t always for the groceries
expiring in our pantry.
:iconxleylunax:xLeylunax 2 6
Conflicted Decisions by FayeleneFyre Conflicted Decisions :iconfayelenefyre:FayeleneFyre 14 6
You were not always a part of my life.
I imagine you at your father’s grave.
I imagine you knelt, roses gripped
loosely; I imagine your eyes were dry;
I imagine you left and didn’t look
I imagine you in the steel mill.
I imagine you worked in dirty
tanktops and jeans; I imagine you
swung sledgehammers like croquet
mallets; I imagine you wiping away
the heat from your forehead and leaving
to collapse into sleep.
I imagine you as a gymnast; I imagine
you as a schoolteacher; I imagine you
as a child, fresh faced and fearless.
I imagine you after the car crash,
after the wedding, after the surgery,
after your heart stops beating.
I imagine you in a life without me –
but I cannot do the same in reverse.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 21 4
Lost Empress Annette (reg) by manusia-no-31 Lost Empress Annette (reg) :iconmanusia-no-31:manusia-no-31 255 5


Where to begin. This is a short story with short sections, which makes it easy to digest since it's written in byte-size increments. Ea...




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I filled more than half a notebook with notes about it, too.

Took oodles of screenshots, and will probably go back to capture more from different scenes.

The show is easily among the best I've ever seen.  It just might outclass Last Exile

I actually spent some time thinking about it while I was mowing the lawn today and considered some of the religious references and even points!

Incredible work, really absolutely incredible.


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Jestloo Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Student General Artist
I forgot to add, there is a funny running joke throughout the series:

Yeah, Ed yells a lot. I love him. XD 
(collecting the manga too)
Steve-C2 Featured By Owner May 17, 2016

I could have carried the joke with Will a bit further (remember that aborted series?)
Fehnryr Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
It liiives:
Untitled by Fehnryr  Steve-C2 Pocketwatch: Back by Fehnryr  

Front and back are done. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to be able to do the middle portion. Maybe once I get my tablet, I would be able to do it, but I have quite a few drawings to do when I do get my tablet, so I can't promise anything ^^; 

If you like the front version with the foliage more, I can probably make a full sized version of that as soon as I get my tablet, so let me know.

Steve-C2 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
You did such a great job on the front and back I can't say I have an issue if you wind up not doing the middle.  I like what you did on the front with foliage on the outer ring, it looks great.  If you want to make a full sized version of that when you get your tablet, I'd be happy if you did. :)

Thank you! :D
Fehnryr Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016
I'm so glad you like it :D As soon as I get a tablet, I'll get that full sized. The only program Icould find that used layers was DA Muro, and it's a garbage art program omg x.x it makes me shrink the picture to fit it onto the screen, but doesn't save a full sized version... yikes. So I will do that :3
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